Part 2: Yes . . . I have been blogging. Honest.

Blog concept in word tag cloudHere are the blog posts that I’ve written recently for The Search Guru. Hope you find them to be helpful!

Writer’s block: Whether you believe in writer’s block or not, we all have times when our creativity flows more easily — and times when it doesn’t. This post shares solutions to brainstorming creative ideas from multiple professionals in the field.

Writing mentors: Several writers chime in on the topic of what makes a good writing mentor – an invaluable relationship once you find the right person — and share their own stories.

Accepting writing critiques: Find out how to choose the right critique partner(s) and how to avoid becoming defensive so that you can get the most out of quality writing critiques.

Offering writing critiques: Discover tips to help you provide more helpful critiques to other writers, including knowing when to push and when to back off.

Managing the writer’s ego: If there were a set of deadly sins for writers, over-confidence would surely be on the list. Here is a plan to prevent ego from hurting your writing career.

Courage to write: Here, I interview Ralph Keyes, author of The Courage to Write: How Writers Transcend Fear. He provides tips on how to use fear to create your best writing, rather than writing around the fear.

What topics would you like to have covered? Let me know!

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