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Power of a Purple Proclamation

purple proclamation

When I was in elementary school, I desperately wanted to wear purple. But, my favorite color was my mother’s least favorite, so it was an uphill battle. Here is a proclamation that one of my mother’s dearest friends wrote in my support! When you look at the picture, imagine a royal purple border, one that has now faded to a muddy lavender at best. Then read the words, recreated below.


Hear ye! Hear ye! Hear ye! Let it be known that Miss Kelly Ann Boyer is henceforth a member in good standing of the fraternal order of:


She has achieved this worth distinction by obtaining and wearing (by fair means or foul) an outfit which is predominantly purple. Purple, the distinctive color of kings, was formerly worn only by wealthy persons of imperial, royal, or other high rank or office particularly in government and the church. In the days of the Roman Empire, purple cloth was extremely valuable due to the scarcity of the rare magenta dye used to color the material; therefore only those who had received personal permission from the Emperor could don garments of purple.

Wear your purple outfit proudly, new member and do try to keep at least one item of purple in your wardrobe at all times in order to remain a member in good standing.

Hail and Welcome!

Signed and approved by:

  1. The President of the Royal Purple Wearers
  2. The Lavender Queen of 5th Street
  3. The Magenta Magnet of Lorain
  4. Miss Rosie Orchid Hue . . . . . and . . . . .
  5. The Purple People Eater

Celebrating Purple

Here are just a few incredible images that celebrate purple. I got them all for free at Pexels.com. I don’t work for them, I get no money out of recommending them. They’re just amazing.

purple flower

purple balloonspurple skypurple flowering treespurple grapespurple flower

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