Shelter Cat Turned Pet: His Name is Toby

Yes, I’ve started volunteering at our local animal protective league — and, yes. I already couldn’t resist taking a beautiful shelter cat home with me.

shelter cat: Toby

His name is Toby. He lived with the same owner from the time he was a kitten until he was 14 years old. Then, when his owner died, he was taken to Friendship Animal Protective League where we met.

In theory, I was at the APL to help my sister Tracy take pictures of the cats and kittens. These photos would go on the website and Facebook page of the shelter, to spread the word about what animals were currently available for adoption.

Whenever we were there, I would stop and pet Toby, giving him a break from his cage. He and I hit it off well, but Toby also seemed to enjoy the company of other volunteers, too.

Then, after Toby was in the shelter for about two weeks, Tracy and I went in, only to discover that 25 energetic puppies were also there, gleefully barking. Toby wasn’t happy. I took him home.

Our other pets grumbled a bit, but all is going well. And, as you can see, Toby is very willing to help me write!


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