Yes . . . I Have Been Blogging. Honest.

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Even though I’ve clearly fallen down on blogging on this site, I have been blogging regularly on writing topics. Here’s what I’ve written recently for The Search Guru:

  • Interview of K.D. Sullivan: K.D. is a well published writer and CEO of Untreed Reads Publishing. Find out what K.D. has to say about proofreading and more, including the importance of style sheets.
  • Proofreading tips: Here, I interviewed numerous professionals to find out how they proofread – and I also share stories of embarrassing misses and near misses, including one of my own.
  • How to show empathy in writing: For Valentine’s Day, I blogged about the effect of true empathy and how to cultivate the trait for more effective writing (and overall living, for that matter!).
  • Finding expert sources: Newer writers often find themselves in a Catch-22 situation when they attempt to get experts to bolster up the authority of their writing. Here are practical solutions to the dilemma.
  • Power of storytelling: Storytelling skills are important to develop. Here’s why.  People like to connect with other people – and storytelling is a perfect vehicle to create connections.
  • Jargon in quality content: Here is a defense – kind of, sort of – of the use of jargon in quality content, at least in certain situations.
  • Breaking through online noise: There is so much content online nowadays, with each piece shrieking for our attention. How do we smash through that noise and what is the proper role of controversy in content?
  • Year of the audience: “Content is king.” That phrase appears all over online – and is great for writers to hear. It boosts our egos. But, I predict that 2014 will really be the year of the audience. Find out why.
  • Trusted sources: It’s hard enough sometimes to find sources for journalistic pieces of writing, and it can be harder still to decide which ones are the most reliable. Here is my take on the situation.
  • Targeted content through personas: “Personas” is one of today’s common buzzwords. What is the value in creating personas? What is the process? Find out more.

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Here, I wrote a guest blog post about finding the best writing assignments in the Searching for the Happiness blog. In the post, I share five important characteristics found in many successful writers, along with places to find quality assignments.

And, finally, at the Freelance Writers Academy, I write about ways in which newer writers can get assignments from magazine editors.

What topics would you like to see covered? Let me know!

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