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Content marketing, search engine optimization, blogging and content strategy

For the past 4+ years, Kelly has contracted for me as a writer, content strategist and all-around valued, key resource. In that time, Kelly has written blog posts, technical articles and in-depth pieces, all of which have exceeded our editorial and technical standards. She is also an SEO expert, with years of knowledge to share, and has excellent communication skills. (Jim Kazliner)

Kelly is an exceptional writer/editor. Her ability to learn about a company, their vision and their customers allows her to creatively and strategically craft content that is valuable and sharable. In the time that I worked with Kelly, she instilled in me a passion for content marketing and its place in the ever changing world of online search. Kelly’s experience as a writer is invaluable to the SEO team and to our clients, giving a fresh innovative look at what is being done and what needs to happen to achieve results. (Erica Sanicky) 

Having worked closely with Kelly for over eight years, I can say that she is truly an excellent writer who is extremely passionate about her work. It never ceases to amaze me the way she is able to easily brainstorm and research topics, and so effortlessly writes or edits pieces that grab readers’ attention at the very start. Kelly is meticulous, dedicated and a great collaborator; I absolutely would recommend her for any writing or editing position. (Susan Sisler)

Kelly attacks writing and editing assignments with a process she’s honed for decades that uncovers compelling data and thoughtful insights from primary and secondary sources. This process not only produces content that’s well written and informative, but also inspires social sharing. Kelly is detail-oriented and deadline committed making her well suited for production environments requiring strict adherence to schedules. (Erik Baeumlisberger)

I am so honored to provide this letter of support for Kelly! She is amazing and I loved working with her. What is immediately evident about Kelly is the love she has for writing, editing, coaching and continuing education. Kelly consistently provides the absolute highest quality work while meeting goals/objectives, all while staying on top of the newest trends. She is extremely savvy in the field of SEO, and manages the content department and assists in the social media department. She is dedicated to her field and is excited about each new writing opportunity. Kelly writes in a way that makes you want more! Her collaboration skills are second to none and she is always ready to handle research or brainstorming. I cannot wait for Kelly to be part of your team! (Jodi Nicolli)

Editing and proofreading services

“When the student is ready, the teacher appears,” someone once wrote and this was certainly true when Kelly came into my life. Her guidance as first a writing coach with Writer’s Digest online workshops, then an editor for my manuscript, was not only professional, but gentle and compassionate as well. I count myself lucky that our paths have crossed. (Janet Givens, author At Home on the Kazakh Steppe,, 2014 recipient of The Moritz Thomsen Peace Corps Memoir Award)

I have had the pleasure of working with Kelly on several occasions.  As an author, it is important to have your manuscripts edited properly, not just for grammar and errors, but for content and flow as well.  Always a professional, Kelly has a way of making corrections and suggestions that gives one the feeling that she not only cares about what she is doing, but, has a respect for you and your work.  These are qualities that are sometimes missing in today’s world.  I highly recommend Kelly for editing any size project, and will definitely use her in the future. (Debra Rose, author of Plucking the Daisy)

About a year ago I was fortunate enough to take a writing class with Kelly Sagert.  I just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed the class and gained from it.  Prior to the class I had always wanted to write but lacked confidence and a sense of direction.  Kelly was wonderful!  She was available, gave constructive comments and helped me to ‘find my feet’ and begin formulating concrete goals for my writing.  While I am still in the baby step phase, I have launched my own blog and have started writing articles to be published online.   I am very sure that had I not taken that class with Kelly, and had her feedback and support, I would not be moving forward.  Thanks to that course and Kelly’s involvement, I am writing regularly now and I know that I can pursue my dream. (Gwen Evans)

Last year for the first time I began daring to entertain the idea that I could take my love of writing beyond personal enjoyment and actually become a writer. I found out about Writer’s Digest and signed up for a course, excited but very anxious. I was put at ease after my first interaction with my instructor-who happened to be Kelly. She was always prompt to respond (a nice benefit for the nervous student who submits a writing assignment and then bites her nails while watching for an email notification!), and had a wonderful way of giving valuable feedback to make my writing stronger but never left me feeling criticized or insecure. Kelly has a gift for writing accurately and concisely, skills that are not only vital in creating publishable work, but also extremely needful for new writers. I learned much from her coaching, and am deeply thankful for the encouragement and confidence she offered me. (Carrie Lahman)

I have been acquainted with Kelly Boyer Sagert’s freelance writing, research skills and editorial expertise for several years and in a broad array of contexts. She is the consummate professional and a pleasure to work with. I give her my highest recommendation. (John Burroughs)

Ms. Kelly Boyer Sagert did an excellent job on her proofread of my eBook Insanity By Increments.  Every author needs a second pair of eyes for every published work, and Ms. Sagert did a wonderful job looking over my release.  Highly recommended!  (Alaric Cabiling)