Ghostwriting & Editing Services

For four years, Kelly served as managing editor of Northern Ohio’s Over the Back Fence. This magazine, which profiled the art, history, intriguing people and fascinating places along Lake Erie’s shores, was nominated by Writer’s Digest for their “Top 100 Award” twice. She served as the contributing editor for the Southern Ohio edition of Over the Back Fence as well, and she also edited five trade magazines and numerous business directories, community guides and travel planners for the company.

“When the student is ready, the teacher appears,” someone once wrote and this was certainly true when Kelly came into my life. Her guidance as first a writing coach with Writer’s Digest online workshops, then an editor for my manuscript, was not only professional, but gentle and compassionate as well. I count myself lucky that our paths have crossed.
Janet Givens
Author At Home on the Kazakh Steppe,, 2014 recipient of The Moritz Thomsen Peace Corps Memoir Award
Ms. Kelly Boyer Sagert did an excellent job on her proofread of my eBook Insanity By Increments. Every author needs a second pair of eyes for every published work, and Ms. Sagert did a wonderful job looking over my release. Highly recommended!
Alaric Cabiling