World’s Largest Ball of String Ain’t Nothin’: Tale of COVID Grief

Opening Pseudo-Scientific Fact: Weighing 3,712 pounds, this ball of string is 24,901.461 times lighter than the heartache currently being experienced by one single compassionate human.
(Photo by Tobias Kebernik on Unsplash)
I tried to push the pain away
it rolled down a hill.
Sorrow picked up twigs and dimes,
growing in diameter.
I put it in a casket
pushing on the lid,
squeezing out the tears
I hadn’t yet shed.
We floated to Lake Erie,
my globe of grief and me.
We scooped up dying leaves,
swirling in damp misery.
I cried out to Atlas,
asked him for some aid.
I’m sorry, friend, he told me
I’ve shouldered all I could.
The waters rose so high,
I reached Mount Ararat.
I ate some bitter chocolate
and the wrapper washed away.


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